Broken Piece



Broken Piece 
words and music: Hubert Dapliyan
A girl in an empty room, starving from the storm
Shivering from the rain, it happened all over again
Her body is so weak that night, she can’t even see the light
The beat of her heart is so slow, when will they ever know
All she’s trying to have is a piece of honesty
All she’s praying to God a home filled with harmony
All she’s yearning for life to have a love and unity
All she’s longing to do is to mend broken hearts
She’s been hurt, she’s been raged, she’s been hated like a mess
So many times she have cried coz all she gained wasn’t good
Until she met You, You gave true meaning of life
She’s been lying down and no one was around
The pain hurts so much; she’s been waiting for the touch
And she opened up her eyes as tears falls by 
She heard an inspiring words that strengthens her desires
She will rise, she will stand by the power of your hands
She will live by her faith the greatest joy in her heart
Coz she believed the unbroken promises
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Posted by Lifebreakthrough Music on Sunday, June 21, 2015
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