Love Sees What Ought to Be Done



Love Sees What Ought To Be Done

words and music: Dakilas

In memory of Madogay Duclan Dapliyan


The fireplace keeps on burning as grandma tell our story

“This old house looks the same down from our roots

your daddy and his brothers were born here so strong

in this humble house in the middle of this town”



Love sees what ought to be done and does it accordingly

And dreams long time ago were fulfilled one by one

And when blood will be traced God’s vow to Abraham

It is love that makes this home running round


In this modern generation we’re scattered like the sand

And for good we drifted apart to keep the bloodline run

Now grandma was gone but her words keep going on

Whispering that our blood run through bond


“You know our family tree flourished it endured the high and low tides of times

and the streams of hope flows forever makes me believe

the seeds of love ought what to be done”

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