Missing Links



words and music by: Hubert Dapliyan
I pictured all the missing links all throughout my life
It’s so sad to say many times, my faith for You subsides
A little touch, and a little knock, my heart can’t comprehend
I felt lost, and I felt empty, as I fell in the dark
But suddenly You were there, beside the bartender’s chair
Staring at me in a Father’s eye, trying to reach me out
Then I realized, how many miles I’ve gone wrong
Wish I could, and wish I might, I’ll go back to the first step
                            of my life
And I looked at the mirror, behind the kind words of a pastor
Then You made me stronger seven times than before
My life is committed to serve, and endure this tricky world
You made me satisfied when You’ve said,
“That’s just a lesson, and playback of your life”
Shaded by Your shadow, like the strong sycamore tree
Leaning to a Tower were tornado can’t tear away
In every beat of Your heart cast my doubts and fantasies
You picked me up on the ground when I’m weak to move around
Showing all Your plans for me, were things to understand
I’m asking You to give me, the heart to do Your plans
“Once for all, son, I will give this Holy Book for you
With love I came, with love I go, I leave my Spirit to guide
                  and see you through”.
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