From the recording God Loves Gospel Country

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Additional words in English: Balsaki Paloay
Additional music: Hubert Dapliyan

Bagbagto, bagbagto-lambik,
Tulambik, tulambawikan,
Bawikan, bawikalanay,
Kalanay, kalanapunay,
Napunay, napunayagta,
Nayagta, nayagtagumba,
Tagumba, tagumbaya-aw,
Baya-aw, baya-atinbao,

I will sing aloud, Glory to God!
To God l am made, made to live with Him.
When with Him,l am alive!
I am alive,full of Blessings.
l am blessed, out of my disobedience.
My Disobedience, that made me sinned.
O' my Sins, put me into sorrows.
My Sorrows, led eternal death.

Antinbao, Atin-bayanggaw,
Bayanggaw, bayang-gawistan,
Gawistan, gawistanabog,
Tanabog, tanabuga-ay,
Buga-ay, bugayesikan,
Yesikan, yesikamad-eng,
Kamad-eng, kamad-eyeng-as,
Eyeng-as, Eyeng-asaas...

Eternal Death? or l repent?
I Repent, for Hope and Love,
Hope and Love, unto Him l praise!
Praise Him, Glory to God!
Glory to God!, l am glad, and thankful.
Thankful to God, His Holiness.
His Holiness, brought Eternal Life.
Eternal Life, praise Him forever!