From the recording Free Tracks


Lead Me Back To You
English Version by Walter Dapliyan 
From the Song "Mission" by Kwon Heui Yi
Performed By: Lifebreakthrough

City lights burn bright in the dark of night;
Footsteps echo the chilly wind.
I have walked the dead end of this road;
I am lonely and cold.

City lights give me no more delight;
No more meaning in all I do.
Thought I could live without You;
Now I'm lonely and cold.

Father, Father, lead me back to You.
Your soothing presence is all I need.
I am lost and cold within myself;
Warm me with Your embrace.

Shadows come and stay at the break of light;
Dread has risen from the dead.
Doves take flight and won't come back again;
I am restless and scared.

Tempests roar and rage inside of me;
Murky water wash dreams away.
Where is hope that I may hope again?
I am restless and scared.

Father, Father, lead me back to You;
Do not hide Your face from me.
Fill my ears with Your comforting voice;
And make my soul rejoice.