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Songwriter: Hubert Dapliyan

Here I am, I bring You a present
Everything in me is Yours
All I know it came from my heart
Rhythm, words and melody
Take it though it's a simple song

Once again, I dwell in You
Friend, I believe in You

Jesus, You're everything in me
Emmanuel, God is with me
Saviour, You paid the penalty
Unconditional, love, You gave to me
Salvation, I now belong to Thee

Loving You, though I am a sinner
In Your presence, I'll be cleansed
Voice that cares, gentle and true
Every time You speak to me
Search my heart, fill me with Your love

In my thought, I offer You,
Nobody else but You

More and more each day, Your love grows in me
Every day, heart of Jesus lives in me