1. Meant To Be

From the recording Say It Into Praises

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Songwriter: Erwin M. Palugod
February 15. 2021-(2:27pm)
Balacbac, Baguio City,Philippines

I was born in a world
Filled with God’s love and His Grace
He taught me how to sing
And make music with some strings

And now I live within a world where music plays a role
A role that takes a lifetime to build
I found the girl who shares my world
I’d marry her someday
Singin’ the songs of my life that any music couldn’t play

I know that we have a chance
To build a beautiful romance
I’m gonna ask her for a dance
Where the music never ends

Her beauty shines around me like the stars into the sea
A beauty that I so long to see
Her smile so sweet and pretty that makes her love takes over me
Now I’ve known the love I’ve found
I’m gonna take her just for me

O, lalala, lalalai, lalalai

Today is the day
That the Lord God has made
We’ll have a lifetime to share
There’ll be nothing we can’t bear

Our love was built on God’s love
Abounds in Grace for us to share
The Greatest Love the world has ever seen
Today begins our journey
To be what we were meant to be
And by the Grace and Love of God
We will endure, just her and me.

And by the Grace and Love of God
We will endure, just her and me.