From the recording Blessed

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Songwriter: Hubert Dapliyan

Life must go on, life must go on, life must go on

A hard day labour and a bill that’s due
An aching head cause you don’t know what to do
Babies are crying with an empty plate
Your honey was gone left those hard things to you

He made you a promise he will always love you
You gave him everything to show that you’re true
Comes a time he met another you
He said, “I really thank you but my love was gone though”

Life must go on
Though you’re drifting
Though you’re falling down
Life must go on
Hang on with your faith
Hang on with your prayer
Life must go on, life must go on

It’s your father’s land it’s written in the sand
Where grandpa was born a hundred years ago
Here comes the Fatman his greed want this farm
Though your dad ignored still an evil breakthrough

I’ve seen a believer how he’s rejected
Cast by his friends cause they don’t understand
He’s badly beaten left burnt in the sun
But he thanked the Lord for a mission well done

Life must go on, life must go on, life must go on...